Better performance

The greater rotating mass of aluminum or steel wheels means they have a harder time changing direction and steering. The carbon fiber wheels are lighter and easier to turn and therefore faster and more responsive in the curves on the road as well as on the track.

In addition, the lightweight wheels stop with much less effort than a heavier aluminum wheel. Thanks to this lightness, you benefit from faster acceleration, improved braking and much faster steering, whether on the track or in your daily commute. Finally, you also reduce driver fatigue.

Extremely light

The carbon wheel is up to 50% lighter than the aluminum wheel.

The wheels are fixed to the motorcycle at the end of the suspension, which thanks to the light weight, allows the wheel to easily stay on the ground. Decreasing unsprung weight reduces inertia and generally allows you to ride easier.

Safer than heavier wheels

Carbon wheels, thanks to their lightness, keep your wheels more firmly on the ground. This is a very important element for safety.

Carbon wheels attenuate shocks and vibrations compared to aluminum wheels which have more unsprung weight. Carbon fiber wheels also have lighter rotating mass. You also have less tire wear.


The carbon wheels have the most modern look of motorcycle rims thanks to the design of the fiber and varnish deposited on the carbon which give them a sporty and futuristic appearance.


Whatever your motorcycle, gasoline or electric, the lightness of the carbon wheel allows you to consume less and increase the distance of your trip.


Our Carbon wheels are based on a standard platform on which we adapt an extension specific to the manufacturer. This allows you to be able to change, if necessary and under certain conditions, motorcycles while keeping the carbon rims. In addition, for professionals, this architecture makes it possible to store standard Carbon rims and to adapt the rim to the manufacturer and model at the end of the sales process.


Our carbon wheels are made with fibers for aeronautics with monitoring of the manufacturing process from the start thanks to the numbering of each part.


Our Carbon wheels have passed all the approvals defined for road use by the Tüv certification body in Germany. In addition, our C-inertia test benches have succeeded in doubling the requirement of road tests passed at Tüv (over 2 million cycles), thus showing the very high quality of our products.